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Beyond Reality Box
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You are a robot and there is a factory... a dangerous one, and there are other robots... and everyone is running to be the first... and your program... it is messy and crazy, let´s try again...
As one of the robots in a factory full of dangers and excitement, compete with everyone to be the best running robot. To make things more interesting, all robots must program their movements while running based on program line instructions cards available at random on their own programming stack.
Can you win all the races? Don´t forget to choose your robot model to stand out in the crowd, and also to know which robot is yours. Program, race, win... or be destroyed!


The BRBOX Game Studio is a door to a Reality out of Reality. A box that leads to Borderless Realms, Bold Reactions, Brain Related stuff, Better Rhymes, going Beyond Reality. Our team is a gathering of independent developers, designers and artists that aim to build realities inside realities through games.We have decided to establish the studio in Joinville, south of Brazil, a city recognized by its software development industry and economical potential. The place is a bit hot in the summer, but it is a great place to work and live.

Game Designer, Game Developer and Professor. Always dealing with games, be it paper RPGs, boardgames, Video Games or teaching about building games. Has a thing for Sci-Fi and first person perspective games.


Restless Entrepreneur. Lawyer, Professor and builder who has a large collection of consoles ranging from Atari to Nintendo Switch. He enjoys games so much that he has made a business from it, with two stores of boardgames and cards games and now expanding to digital games


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